Barrilete is a music and dance show grounded in the rich cultural landscape of southern Mexico and Central America.

Tilingo Lingo was founded in 1996 by young urban musicians who sought to find a unique way of participating in the passionate tradition of Latin American sones ( a wide variety of regional musical styles that are the result of a complex combination of influences from indigenous, Afro-American and Spanish music and dance ). As a result of the experiment and the search for new sounds, Tilingo Lingo has made the woods of the marimba de arco (bow marimba) vibrate in harmony with a range of instruments form the traditional to the modern: jaranas jarochas ; jaranas huastecas; saxophone; clarinet; double bass; drums; cajón criollo; vocals, and more. The current repertoire combines Nicaraguan folk music for the bow marimba, Mexican danzas (ritual dances) and zapateados (rhythmic footwork dances), processional music from the Mayas of Guatemala and original compositions.

Now, nearly 9 years after setting out on this musical adventure, Tilingo Lingo embarks on a new path with the participation of three dancers/choreographers and the task of creating a new, multidisciplinary show that takes the incorporation and re-creation of traditional elements that characterised Tilingo Lingo's earlier work one step farther. The joint project has been an interesting and often surprising experience.


  • Jerildy Bosch
  • Jessica Sandoval
  • Gina Paris

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