The Tilingo Lingo

Tilingo Lingo was formed in 1996 in Mexico City. Everything began with the bow marimba, an instrument to which Rodrigo was introduced while travelling to Nicaragua, the land of his grandfather. Among the marimba’s virtues is the fact that its bow is made of a flexible limb that allows the musician to throw it over his shoulder and take it wherever need be... and that is exactly what happened.

Almost without realizing it, the members of Tilingo Lingo forged deeper into the wonderfully rich, but constantly overlooked, world of folk music from southern Mexico and Central America. Each member contributed the musical elements that each knew, had obtained or had discovered and, above all, the group’s members added their own ways of feeling and living the music.

The group, comprised entirely of young urban musicians, discovered that the bow marimba was an excellent, and surprisingly innovative, way to explore ancient languages. From its inception, the group has undertaken the task of learning Nicaraguan folk music for the marimba and has seized the opportunity to adopt other folk music and ritual dances that it desires to test on the woods of the bow marimba (Mexican music from the States of Chiapas, Tabasco, Veracruz and Yucatán, as well as music from other countries, such as Guatemala).

Thus, Tilingo Lingo began compiling and experimenting, always aided by grandfathers and other friends who lent and donated recorded music or who sang and whistled songs. Tilingo Lingo constantly seeks to approach folk music in a respectful manner – somewhat like the respect conveyed upon a great friend, as opposed to respect for a distant object in a museum. Thus, Tilingo Lingo also ventures to experiment with sonority and succeeds in creating a single acoustic space where the bow marimba, vocals, jaranas veracruzanas, saxophone, double bass and drums coexist.

Tilingo Lingo are:

  • Alberto Herrera, drums, percussion, vocals
  • Rodrigo Mejía, musical direction, bow marimba, vocals
  • Mariana Mallol, lead voice, colombian cuatro, jaranas
  • Ulises Peña , double bass, vocals
  • Jorge Morenos, jaranas, quinta guapanguera, vocals
  • Vladimir Garnica, jaranas, requinto jarocho, spanish guitar
  • Omar López, saxophone, clarinete

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